Richard Smith

Testimonial / October 21, 2015

I actually find it quite an honour to write something honest about such an important part of my life. For over fifteen years I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Powers gym and greatly benefited from the personal training by the iconic and legendary Sue Powers and her excellent protege
Alex Mackenzie.

Honestly it’s refreshing to find people who really care about you, deliver a great training session, creating that mix of professionalism, fun and achievable goals. It’s actually an important part of my life in lots of ways, I can certainly give the Powers gym and all their staff my very best personal recommendation and I’m convinced it’s the best of the best.

Don’t simply take my word for it, please give them a chance and a good go, you will not be disappointed. The benefits will be fantastic and the gym offers great value for money. You will arrive a client and leave a friend. This is an honest, accurate and truthful testament. Thank you